Definable business rules, workflow, data elements, financial reports, and more. No coding required.

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ISV Platform

Use your domain expertise and our development platform to create your own industry-specific, commercial SaaS application. It’s powerful, quick, and easy.

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Powerful Accounting

Invoicing, inventory, manufacturing, human resources, and more, all backed by the industry’s most powerful General Ledger.

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Easy to Deploy and Customize
Use VerticaLive Design Studio to configure your environment, or make any changes you need.

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Flexible payment options
Choose how you pay, with a small and affordable monthly fee, or save with annual payments

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The perfect platform for creating industry solutions
Use VerticaLive to create powerful industry-specific solutions as an OEM product

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Insightful key performance indicators
Make more informed decisions using dashboards and graphs.

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Who is using VerticaLive?

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We are proud partners of Microsoft’s Windows Azure. Windows Azure delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA and enables us to build and run highly available applications with their main focus on infrastructure and security. Windows Azure easily scales your VerticaLive applications to any size. It is a fully automated self-service platform that allows us to provision resources within minutes enhancing your cloud empire’s ability to create, adapt and maintain success within your market.