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New Generation Fleet Optimization Technology

Endurance V365 is fleet optimization technology engineered by MarineCFO. This cutting edge onboard application bundles eLogs, Safety Assessments, Planned Maintenance, Notifications, & Document Management into an easy to use and highly configurable vessel/shore replication system.

V365 is the conduit for information from the vessel into the other Endurance modules, for Maintenance and Crewing, as well.

V365 gives your captain and crew the ability to complete Work Orders, request supplies, approve schedules, submit time, complete document templates and forms.

V365 gives mariners a clear and concise to-do list, color coded by priority, to insure important tasks, forms and work in general, never slips through the cracks.


Features & Benefits 

  • Vessel daily and historical commercial activity eLogs
  • Safety, navigation, and crew assessments
  • Critical systems assessments
  • Planned maintenance for towing, offshore, and industrial vessels
  • Severity notifications with audible alarms
  • Advanced checklist configurator with scheduler
  • Onboard non conformity and deficiency audit tracking
  • Marine document management system with scheduler
  • Quick plug and play installation and training
  • Advanced privileges and security configurator
  • Affordable subscription program
  • Immediately meet all onboard record keeping standards
  • Mature proprietary synchronization and replication process
  • Fully configurable per vessel and per fleet
  • Dedicated and seasoned support staff
  • Rapid ROI with fleet-wide implements

Maintenance tasks should never be overlooked or forgotten.

The cost of regular, planned maintenance, pales in comparison to the cost of a breakdown. With our configurable Maintenance Plans architecture that spawns Work Orders via asset readings and/or the calendar, we’ve got you covered.

Allow shore users and vessel crew real-time access to what maintenance tasks are coming due and what effort, parts and outside services are necessary to complete the work.

Fleet-wide view allows your management access to every task, what’s overdue and alerts users via email or text message when critical items are missed or at the time a

critical event occurs.

Powerful analytics can be used to measure KPI’s as well as predictive maintenance.


Planned Maintenance

Sub Chapter M, RCP, and ISM all require marine operators to maintain a Planned Maintenance program for, at a minimum, onboard critical systems. The ever increasing complexities of propulsion, steering, and other onboard systems have made manual record keeping methods nearly obsolete. Vessel 365 leverages a simplified user interface and unique engine room configuration builder to make onboard routines easily created and easily executed. 

Assessments & Reports

The proprietary checklist builder allows shoreside to build out a variety of onboard safety, commercial, and operational assessment routines within Vessel 365. A number of reports can be generated by interfacing the checklist builder including VGP, Ballast Water, Departure, and Critical Systems. A full non-conformity workflow is included within the checklist builder and it compliant with ISM, RCP, and TSMS standards.

Document Management 

MarineCFO’s Marine Document Management System within Vessel 365 is on the cutting edge of technology. 

Provisioned with versioning, notifications, and ship to shore auto-replication the Document Management application can upload and organize and file format for ease of onboard and shoreside use.


Features & Benefits

  • Daily & Historical Commercial Vessel Activity eLogs
  • Safety, Navigation, Crew, and Critical Systems Assessments
  • Planned Maintenance for Towing, Offshore, & Industrial Vessels
  • Severity Notifications with Audible Alarms
  • Onboard Non Conformity & Deficiency Audit Tracking
  • Track spare parts available on each vessel or at each location in order to effectively plan work orders
  • Convert Observations to ad-hoc work orders, and easily record findings by attaching pictures to a work order
  • Create Purchase Orders either from the vessel or shore to assist in fulfilling some maintenance tasks
  • Manage and track renewal of Vessel certifications including email and/or SMS alerts well in advance of expiration dates 


 Managing and scheduling crew is crucial to success business operations.

Endurance Crew Management manages crew certifications and trainings, as well as ensuring seamless processes for finding suitable replacement crew when necessary. Easily schedule and assign crew to workplaces based on manning requirements to meet regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as job and customer-specific requirements. Track vacations and PTO to insure your vessels are staffed, in advance, to prevent unsafe operating conditions and lost days.

Certifications & Trainings 

Manage and track crew certifications and trainings, including email and/or SMS alerts in advance of expiration dates.

Shift Profiles & Manning Requirements 

Set up templates for easy scheduling, and define job position and certification requirements for your vessels so they are never over or understaffed.

Scheduler & Employee Finder

Manage crew vacation and replace employees with ease, using planning mode for collaboration before schedules are committed.

Features & Benefits 

  • Unlimited Crew Manning Requirements per vessel, route and/or trip type that allow definition of certifications and positions needed to man your workplace.
  • Our smart Employee Finder can manage employee leave to facilitate replacement in a timely fashion, and ensure that vacancies are filled with the most qualified crew members available.
  • Alert notifications to ensure that certifications and training are always up to date, and quickly identify available crew from on call lists with the right certifications for special jobs. Automatically update crew profile with completed training, whether on land or vessel.
  • Simple sea-time reporting architecture, uses crewing data in tandem with a letter and report configurator to produce a variety of letter and report formats, as you see fit. 


Operate more efficiently and ensure compliance.

Endurance Passenger Vessel was designed in collaboration with major ferry operators to simplify data collection onshore and onboard. From Crewing to Compliance, Endurance Passenger Vessel allows your operation to run more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

Vessel Management  

Track vessel certifications by using Document Management to keep certifications on the vessel.

Notify port captains when vessel certifications will soon expire with Alert Notifications.

Track when a vessel is laid up and goes back in service with the Event Log.

See the history of all trips from your fleet.


  • Smart Activity Logs using big buttons
  • Smart Form to track crew members getting on and off the ferry
  • Smart Form to perform muster training

With our Document Management, have a centralized place to keep all Coast Guard regulated documents, fillable reports, training videos, and more. The Checklist Builder will make sure your vessel is compliant and safe for voyages (Ex. Incident Logs)


Crew Management
  • Manage your crew’s Certifications & Trainings
  • Easy scheduling with Shift Profiles
  • Manning Requirements: Never be over or under staffed
  • Scheduler: Schedule your crew with less clicks, replace employees with ease using business rules, and never worry about double scheduling an employee


Features and Benefits

  •  Certifications & Training
  • Create Shift Profiles for scheduling crew with less clicks
  • Define Manning Requirements for multiple workplaces
  • Scheduler with smart Employee Finder
  • Manage your crew’s certification and trainings
  • Set up templates for easy scheduling
  • Define job position and certification requirements for the vessels so they are never over or under staffed:
    • Manage the crew’s vacation & fill the vacancy right away. Never worry about a member being double scheduled
    • Replace employees with ease based on your business rules
    • Green Amber Red (GAR) indicators to let Personnel know certification status per employee
    • Planning mode allows for collaboration before schedules are committed

Take control of your business with a comprehensive accounting and ERP solution.

General Ledger

The Endurance Cloud General Ledger offers comprehensive reporting and granular accounting controls.

  • Get up and running quickly with the Setup Wizard
  • Unlimited account segmentation and fiscal periods
  • Actuals, budgets, and statistics
  • Accruals, reversing, and recurring journals
  • Charts and performance indicators

Accounts Payable

With Endurance, you can effectively manage the entire payables process.

  • Organize vendors with terms and discounts
  • Payables and vouchers
  • EFT, direct deposit, and checks
  • Charts and performance indicators

Accounts Receivable

Optimize receivables and improve cash flow.

  • Customers, terms, and discounts
  • Invoicing, receipts, and dunning processes
  • KPI’s, reporting, agings, and drill down


Endurance stores a massive amount of information about your business, from detailed transactions accumulated in invoicing, to time cards generated for employees. This information is distilled and presented to decision makers as insightful key performance indicators.


A complete supply chain management solution.

Inventory Control

The Endurance Inventory Control module is a comprehensive solution for managing inventory and stock.

  • Unlimited warehouses and locations
  • Multiple inventories, stock, reorder levels
  • Pricing matrixes, revaluations, and physical counts
  • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down

Sales Management

The Endurance Sales Management module allows you to effectively manage the entire sales order lifecycle.

  • Quotes, sales orders, and pricing
  • Fulfillment, scanning, and warehouse optimization
  • Costing, sales commissions, and sales regions
  • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down

Purchasing Management

Optimize stock levels and procurement with the Endurance Purchasing module.

  • Vendors, requisitioning, and purchase orders
  • Request for quotations
  • Receipt of goods
  • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down

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Marine CFO’s cost-effective solutions deliver a significant and measurable Return on Investment (ROI) to our customers by allowing them to manage Compliance, Financial Management, and Vessel Operational processes through the delivery of accurate, real-time, and relevant information. We help our customers address industry challenges as follows:

  • MarineCFO offers detailed tracking of vessel location, fuel, parts and equipment; crew changes and performance; and vessel-related expenses. Immediate access to vessel and/or project profitability allows the company a better means for planning future jobs and the resources needed to complete them.
  • MarineCFO allows companies to track real-time compliance information at any level (vessel, employee, facility, etc.) to fulfill requirements for regulatory and compliance reporting as those needs arise. In the long run, this will allow a company to deploy resources and complete a project more quickly.
  • MarineCFO helps by providing true utilization of vessels and equipment; giving owners and managers a crystal clear picture of the transactions related to day-to-day business operations; and structuring projects to facilitate best possible cost-efficacy and productivity. Our customer experience has been a measurable ROI through an ability to access and analyze information never before available.




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