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Human Resources

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Manage vessels/assets remotely to increase productivity.

Collecting Business Data

  • Configurable Checklists and Forms
  • Business transactions, such as arrivals and barge drops[/su_list]


  • Daily Logs
  • Radio, Garbage
  • Ballast Water 


  • Built-in support for all USCG subchapters, including SubM
  • TMSA
  • IMO 

Managing Maintenance and Deficiencies

  • Planned and recurring maintenance 
  • Onboard inventory and parts management
  • Observations and nonconformities 

Document Management

  • Fillable PDF, spreadsheets, Word Documents. Etc.
  • SMS/TSMS deployment and acknowledgement 

Structured Messaging

  • Fleetwide notifications 
  • Acknowledgements, views, and receipts
  • LTD history 

Reliable Replication

  • Offline capabilities
  • Low-bandwidth requirements
  • Secure  

Tow Management (optional)

  • Fleeting
  • Tow Diagrams  

 Improve Operational Efficiency and Minimize Down Time.

Asset Management

  • Asset Tree
  • Serialization
  • Consumption Tracking
  • Warranty Management 
  • Deficiency and Non Conformity
  • Cloning and retiring assets  
Maintenance Planning

  • Condition based/Consumption based
  • Criticality Management 
  • Defining tasks
  • Labor materials and outside services
  • Cost planning  
Maintenance Calendar

  • Upcoming maintenance 
  • Material requisition planning 
  • Horizon planning
  • Definable asset groups
  • Detailed historical reporting
  • Automatic or manual conversion of plans  
Work order management

  • Planned or unplanned
  • Work in progress/percent complete
  • Convertions of deficiency/noncomformity observations  

  • Multi-warehouse/multi-location
  • Procurment planning
  • Costing
  • Serial and lot tracking
  • Reorder point management 
  • Vendors and manufactures 
Advanced anylitics  

  • Costing 
  • Materials, labor and services
  • Granular asset reporting
  • Definable KPI’s 


     Managing and scheduling personnel is crucial to a successful operation.


    Personnel Management


    • Complete employee information
    • Payroll details
    • Employee expense/travel management
    • PTO/leave of absence
    • Vacation tracking  

    • Shift management
    • Workplace management
    • Pay codes and pay types
    • Configurable rules
    • Vacancy management
    • Certification checks
    • Planning mode 
    Staffing Requirements

    • By workplace and by position
    • Required certifications by job position
    • Required certifications by workplace
    Shift Management 

    • Daily or rotational
    • Positions required per shift
    • Preferences seniority
    Certifications and Training

    • Expiration dates
    • Alert notifications
    • File attachments
    • Renew periods
    Sea Time Reporting  

    Advanced Analytics  


    Operate more efficiently and ensure compliance.

    Endurance Passenger Vessel was designed in collaboration with major ferry operators to simplify data collection onshore and onboard. From Crewing to Compliance, Endurance Passenger Vessel allows your operation to run more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

    Vessel Management  

    Track vessel certifications by using Document Management to keep certifications on the vessel.

    Notify port captains when vessel certifications will soon expire with Alert Notifications.

    Track when a vessel is laid up and goes back in service with the Event Log.

    See the history of all trips from your fleet.


    • Smart Activity Logs using big buttons
    • Smart Form to track crew members getting on and off the ferry
    • Smart Form to perform muster training

    With our Document Management, have a centralized place to keep all Coast Guard regulated documents, fillable reports, training videos, and more. The Checklist Builder will make sure your vessel is compliant and safe for voyages (Ex. Incident Logs)


    Crew Management
    • Manage your crew’s Certifications & Trainings
    • Easy scheduling with Shift Profiles
    • Manning Requirements: Never be over or under staffed
    • Scheduler: Schedule your crew with less clicks, replace employees with ease using business rules, and never worry about double scheduling an employee


    Features and Benefits

    •  Certifications & Training
    • Create Shift Profiles for scheduling crew with less clicks
    • Define Manning Requirements for multiple workplaces
    • Scheduler with smart Employee Finder
    • Manage your crew’s certification and trainings
    • Set up templates for easy scheduling
    • Define job position and certification requirements for the vessels so they are never over or under staffed:
      • Manage the crew’s vacation & fill the vacancy right away. Never worry about a member being double scheduled
      • Replace employees with ease based on your business rules
      • Green Amber Red (GAR) indicators to let Personnel know certification status per employee
      • Planning mode allows for collaboration before schedules are committed

    Take control of your business with a comprehensive accounting and ERP solution.

    General Ledger

    The Endurance Cloud General Ledger offers comprehensive reporting and granular accounting controls.

    • Get up and running quickly with the Setup Wizard
    • Unlimited account segmentation and fiscal periods
    • Actuals, budgets, and statistics
    • Accruals, reversing, and recurring journals
    • Charts and performance indicators

    Accounts Payable

    With Endurance, you can effectively manage the entire payables process.

    • Organize vendors with terms and discounts
    • Payables and vouchers
    • EFT, direct deposit, and checks
    • Charts and performance indicators

    Accounts Receivable

    Optimize receivables and improve cash flow.

    • Customers, terms, and discounts
    • Invoicing, receipts, and dunning processes
    • KPI’s, reporting, agings, and drill down


    Endurance stores a massive amount of information about your business, from detailed transactions accumulated in invoicing, to time cards generated for employees. This information is distilled and presented to decision makers as insightful key performance indicators.


    A complete supply chain management solution.

    Inventory Control

    The Endurance Inventory Control module is a comprehensive solution for managing inventory and stock.

    • Unlimited warehouses and locations
    • Multiple inventories, stock, reorder levels
    • Pricing matrixes, revaluations, and physical counts
    • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down

    Sales Management

    The Endurance Sales Management module allows you to effectively manage the entire sales order lifecycle.

    • Quotes, sales orders, and pricing
    • Fulfillment, scanning, and warehouse optimization
    • Costing, sales commissions, and sales regions
    • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down

    Purchasing Management

    Optimize stock levels and procurement with the Endurance Purchasing module.

    • Vendors, requisitioning, and purchase orders
    • Request for quotations
    • Receipt of goods
    • KPI’s, reporting, and drill down



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